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Bible Messages

Removable Vinyl Window or Door Stickers

Have you ever looked closely at the stickers and decals that people put on their car windows? We advertise where we have been, our favorite vacation spots, what organizations we are members of, and announce that we are the "Proud Parent of an Honors Student."

Today we spend so much of our time commuting on the road in our cars, why not let our vehicles also spread the gospel to the world? In the words of St. Francis, "Spread the gospel, if necessary use words." By using your car as a "vehicle for the Word of God", you can take advantage of this subtle approach to get the message across to those around you and make them think!

Bible Message Decals
Actual Size is 6" x 4" Additional Styles

Do you realize how many cars you pass, pass you, or the number of people that sit in their cars, in traffic, all around you on a daily basis?

Have you ever noticed during some of the nationally televised football games, the cameras would pan the grandstands, often showing a single person in the audience holding up a sign that simply said "John 3:16"? How many do you suppose would turn to their Bibles out of curiosity to see what that passage says? In just that instant, they could learn a passage from the Bible, or were at least reminded of it. Now multiply that by the number of people that were watching the game that night.

Just like that one person in the audience holding up "John 3:16", why not utilize your car in a similar fashion by making it a mobile reminder of God? Your message might be the one that somebody needs to see today, bringing a smile to their face and a calmness in their heart. Let these messages serve as a reminder of God's grace and guiding hand in their life.

Can you imagine the impact that this simple gesture could have on so many people? We can no longer pray in our schools, but we can still spread the messages. Your sticker might just get people to open up their bibles, where they can find answers to a lot of life's issues!

Let us renew Faith & Hope!

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